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imPower Technologies helps companies hire and train the next generation of IBM i developers. We provide online, self-paced, instructor-led IBM i training for new and seasoned developers. Our courses enable new developers with little to no IBM i experience to become highly competent and seasoned developers to learn new tools for modernization. Courses include videos, sample programs, graded quizzes, weekly meetings and use of an IBM i Partition.

Solutions by imPower Technologies

Online Course: IBM i Concepts & Operations

This comprehensive course is designed for entry-level and other platform developers to learn the IBM i. Upon completion, students will be proficient in using the IBM i operating system, Db2 database and IBM’s new development tools. The course includes a mixture of videos, graded quizzes and labs, and weekly online meetings to ensure optimal retention and understanding of the course material. Class duration varies and is based on student activity—maximum of 8 weeks.

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Online Course: Programming in ILE RPG

Train new and current developers on the ILE RPG language in less than 10 weeks. Students will learn the latest RPG techniques, with each section covering two chapters of Jim Buck’s* “Programming in ILE RPG” 5th edition textbook. The course is a combination of lectures, graded quizzes, programming examples and programming assignments. Students are invited to attend live Webex meetups once a week to ask questions during the course.

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Workshops: RDi & Modular Programming and SQL

imPower offers workshops for developers to expand their knowledge and skill: RDi & Modular Programming and SQL Queries. These workshops are self-paced with labs, quizzes and video instruction. Taught by Jim Buck,* the 18-hour RDi workshop teaches developers RDi and new techniques and procedures that are essential for modernization. SQL Queries, taught by Birgitta Hauser, teaches developers SQL SELECT statements and more. Other workshops coming soon.

* Jim Buck is CEO, Co-founder and Lead Instructor at imPower Technologies, and a former 15-year IBM i Programming Instructor at Gateway Technical College.

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