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Interested in Learning More About the new ODBC Driver for IBM i?

In her latest i Can blog, IBM i expert Dawn May points to IBMer Mark Irish's article on the new ODBC driver.

A useful article, The New ODBC Driver for IBM i, was recently written by Mark Irish, the IBM expert on the topic. This ODBC driver can make developing open source software for IBM i a bit easier; you can write and test the applications on Windows or Linux, then transfer those applications to IBM i, using the same ODBC driver.
In this article, Mark reviews what the ODBC driver is and why you may want to use it. Since this ODBC driver is delivered as an RPM file and installed with YUM, you need to have an open-source software environment installed, which this article describes how to do.
Once the open-source software environment is installed, you can acquire and install the driver manager and the ODBC driver for IBM i itself. The article then reviews how to configure and use the driver.
As more and more IBM i developers are venturing into the world of open source software development, I’m sure we’ll continue to see IBM deliver more helpful features. If you don’t already, you may want to follow Jesse Gorzinski’s blog, Open Your i.

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