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ESS Mobile App Updates

The latest version of the IBM Entitled Systems Support mobile app puts asset management at your fingertips.

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As a business partner, customers often ask me for help with downloading software, updating user access keys, etc. Typically I'd go to to help with these requests. Recently though I received an interesting email about the latest version of the IBM Entitled Systems Support mobile app, which provides another way to get this information. Below is an excerpt from the email:

"ESS mobile: new version 5 available now
We are excited to announce a new major release for the ESS mobile app.

Our team has worked tirelessly and rebuilt the ESS mobile app from the grounds up, greatly improving multiple components and creating a starting point for fast updates going forward.

Highlights of version 5 release include:
  • login is greatly improved and will work more consistently (for real this time)
  • enhanced speed and fluidity of screen actions and transitions
  • purchase of Elastic Capacity on Demand is back
  • push notifications for your Elastic CoD orders and generated codes on your mobile device
  • share your generated Elastic codes or any other available keys & codes directly with your email or messaging apps
  • use the mobile app in your browser; it is available as a Progressive Web Application (PWA) under
  • more information about PWA technology can be found here:
  • PWA apps work in Google Chrome, Apple Safari and Firefox (non-private mode)
  • PWA apps do not work in Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer. Other webkit-based browsers may work (not tested)
  • a quick launch icon for PWA version is available on the right side of the ESS website"

And to recap the basics about ESS mobile:

"IBM ESS mobile is asset management at your fingertips. Quickly view and access all your Power systems, available keys and codes, run reports and purchase and assign Elastic Capacity on Demand: any time, all the time. Your IBMid profile is fully synchronized across both the website and mobile app: access, registration and all activities are always shared."

To test the app without downloading it to your phone, go here (registration required).

This appears to be the same information I can get from my phone. I have these options in the Reports section:

SWMA Inventory report: Active
SWMA Inventory report: Expires within three months
SWMA Inventory report: Inactive
Electronic Proof of Entitlement_(ePoE) for Power report
Key Version/Release Inventory report: Active keys
SWMA Inventory report: All
Permanent key installation commands
ESS software update orders report.
Capacity Reset report
ESS downloadable product list

If I'm not at my desk, it's great to have a way to access this information. How about you? Does this app interest you, or do you exclusively use a desktop?

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