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Felipe Bessa, IT Specialist, IRB Brasil RE

IBM Champion Felipe Bessa talks about life, hobbies and IT.

Image by Lianne Milton

Name: Felipe Bessa
Title: IT specialist
Company Name: IRB Brasil RE
Company’s Function: Reinsurance company
HQ: Rio de Janeiro
Years in IT: 20

The biggest challenge our data center is facing today is the implementation of higher levels of security and compliance requirements.

The next big thing for our business will be expansion into new markets.

My favorite IBM product is IBM Power Systems* servers.

My favorite activity outside of work is any culture-related activity. I like museum expositions, cinema and samba street events.

My favorite musical artist is Paulinho da Viola.

The best movie I’ve seen recently is “Captain Fantastic.”

My guilty pleasure is Netflix marathons.

The geekiest thing I’ve ever owned is a Star Wars R2-D2 windup toy.

The business skill I’d most like to acquire or improve is the ability to use technology to better improve our users’ experience.

If I weren’t in IT, I’d be a cook. I love studying recipes, going to the street market on weekends and preparing food for my family and friends.

The superpower I wish I had is maintain the balance of our planet’s ecosystems.

If I were stuck on a desert island, the one item I’d want is waterproof sunblock.

My greatest mentor has been all the people that share their knowledge and thoughts.

My favorite or most impacting book is “1984” by George Orwell.

If money were no object, the one thing I’d purchase is a powerful system to detect corruption and fraud in my country’s government.

I ended up in IT when I was at a friend’s house and asked: “What is this strange machine really for?”

The favorite part of my day is meeting with my baby and getting a smile.


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