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How to Create a Security Strategy That's Built to Last

Security expert Chad Mead on building a reliable security strategy; ITIC survey reveals zSystems, LinuxONE III and Power Systems security and reliability strengths

More accessible technology, economic and political volatility, and evolving hacking techniques mean that security personnel face different challenges than they did five years ago. Organizations must develop a reliable security strategy to keep up with data security needs.

Part of this strategy begins with the security basics: assess your environment, implement end-user education, enforce password policies, develop a Zero-Trust design. In this e-book, Chad Mead, vice president, global mainframe and security consulting, Ensono, shares his thoughts on these and other elements to include in your security strategy.

Amping up security also means choosing the most secure platforms on the market— starting with the zSystems, LinuxONE III and Power Systems platforms, which posted the best across-the-board reliability scores in the 2022 ITIC Global Server Reliability survey. This e-book also explores other findings from the survey and highlights these platforms’ greatest security and reliability strengths.

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