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Displaying UDID/UUID Information

Rob McNelly offers additional insight with this post about displaying UDID/UUID information.

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Awhile back I was asked how one could display the UDID/UUID of a LUN. As is often the case, I found the answer through a simple web search. This search turned up a post from My AIX Cheatsheet.
... I just discovered an interesting (but not new) option for lspv command: -u ! (available for AIX 6.1 TL07 and AIX 7.1 TL01), which displays the UDID and UUID of the physical device directly without scripting headaches:
[The -u tag lists] all the physical volumes in the system along with the following information:
  • Physical disk name.
  • Physical volume identifiers (PVIDs).
  • The volume group (if any) or label (if any) that the physical volume belongs to and that is locked with the lkdev command.
  • The state of the volume group.
    • Active: When the volume group is varied on.
    • Concurrent: When the volume group is varied on in the concurrent mode.
    • Locked: When the physical volume is locked with the lkdev command.
  • Unique device identifier (UDID).
  • Universally Unique Identifier (UUID).
root@lpar:/root# lspv -u
hdisk0             00f68936d157faf1                  rootvg              active
hdisk1             00f68917df5f3909                  datavg             active
hdisk2             00f68916dh5fabf0                  app2vg            active

Small reminder:
  • The Unique device identifier (UDID) is the unique_id attribute from the ODM CuAt ObjectClass.
  • The UDID is present for PowerPath, AIX MPIO, and some other devices.
  • The Universally Unique Identifier (UUID) is present for AIX MPIO device.
The AIX Cheatsheet blogger credits an IBMer named Urban Biel, who wrote about this topic in detail on IBM developerWorks. Unfortunately with the dW site being retired earlier this year, Urban's original post appears to be lost.

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