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Delivered IBM i RFEs

A look at a few RFEs that provide enhancements you may not be aware of.

The IBM i team has been using the Request for Enhancement (RFE) process for user requirements for over two years now. It often takes some time for an RFE to be delivered, particularly those that require a new release of the operating system. Many RFEs have been delivered; let’s take a look at a few that provide enhancements you may not be aware of.
Enlarge SUBJECT parameter of the SNDSMTPEMM command and Enlarge NOTE parameter of the SNDSMTPEMM command RFEs were delivered in the 7.4 release. The maximum size of the subject can now be 255 characters and the maximum size of the note can be 5000 characters.
SMB 3 (SMBv3) support needed in IBM i 7.3
While the RFE requested this functionality in 7.3, IBM delivered this with the 7.4 release; it will not be taken back to 7.3, so if this functionality is important to you, you will need to look at upgrading to 7.4. The RFE describes the key features of SMB3, as does the 7.4 Announcement Letter.

Apple Mac Os Support in NetServer
Delivered with PTFs to 7.2 and 7.3 and in the base release of 7.4, Mac OS X is now supported with NetServer.

Upgrade dns BIND to a current version
Software currency is very important, particularly when there may be security vulnerabilities.  IBM has updated BIND to 9.11.5 for 7.1 through 7.3 with PTFs, and also with 7.4. See the RFE comments for PTF specifics.

Document how to migrate from 5733OPS to preferred distributions
This RFE was marked as delivered because the requested documentation already exists.  I mention it here because that documentation is hidden away. IBM has provided the Guide migrate from 5733-OPS to RPMs.

Huge amount of error messages going to qsysopr msgq that are irrelevant to the operation of the iseries
This RFE requested that the messages CPI1131 Job &3/&2/&1 disconnected by user &4 and CPI1133 All jobs at work station &1 disconnected not clutter up the QSYSOPR message queue. CPI1131 and CPI1133 error messages are sent to QSYSOPR when a 5250 session is timed out, when the system value QINACTMSGQ is set to *DSCJOB and QINACTITV is set to a value other than *NONE. The inactivity timer can generate a large number of messages being sent to QSYSOPR. This change, delivered with PTF SI65183 in 7.3 (and I assume is in the base operating system of 7.4), allows you to suppress these messages or have them sent to a different message queue. If you’re interested in this function, the details are in the RFE and the PTF cover letter.

If you want to see all of the RFEs that have been delivered (245 as of this writing), you can search RFEs by status. If you’re not familiar with the RFE process, the article IBM Request for Enhancement (RFE) Allows IBM i Clients to Affect the Course for the Future explains RFEs and how they are used for IBM i. I encourage everyone to submit RFEs for valid requirements and to vote on those of interest to you.

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