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How Collaboration and Education Can Help Close the IBM Z and COBOL Skills Gap

How do we maintain interest from new IBM Z and COBOL talent? The keys seem to be: education, collaboration and fun.

Dr. Cameron Seay, for example, has taught both COBOL and IBM Z at different schools. It’s not that no one is interested in learning about them; it’s just that the information needs to be presented to them in a way that highlights competitive advantages.

Beyond education—fostering a collaborative, fun community that encourages newcomers to join is another must. Take the Advent of Code Challenge, for example—an annual challenge comprised of programming puzzles for a variety of skill sets, all of which can be solved in any programming language participants want to use. Herb Daly and Henri Kuiper even created a leaderboard to increase playfulness and competition during the challenges.

In this e-book, you’ll learn the importance of education, collaboration and fun in bridging the perceived mainframe and COBOL skills gap.

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