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TechChannel E-book: Using Modern IBM i Application Development Tools

Today’s RPG is barely recognizable as its earlier version—in format, syntax, capability and flexibility. It evolved along with programmer needs into a fully free-form language that modern programmers can easily pick up. And RDi is the only editor that supports all modern RPG syntax and features.

Similarly, one of the IBM i platform’s greatest strengths is that you can run unchanged the same code you may have been running over 30 years ago. There’s a reason RPG and the IBM i platform have been around all these years; they continue to evolve to meet current business needs.

In “Using Modern IBM i Tools,” you’ll learn about three IBM i success stories, five reasons Susan Gantner loves RDi, and why Jon Paris knows RPG remains relevant today.

This TechChannel e-book was sponsored by Lansa, Midrange Dynamics and Profound Logic.

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