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IBM Unveils Watsonx AI Platform

On May 9 at its annual THINK conference, IBM announced watsonx, an AI and data platform aimed at businesses with complex workflows. It’s designed to help enterprises store, access and monitor large quantities of data with improved efficiency and specificity.

The new platform features three components:, which helps businesses apply machine learning models and generative AI;, which stores and scales analytics for both on-premises and cloud environments; and watsonx.governance, which traces and monitors data to ensure responsibility and transparency.

IBM Watsonx AI Platform Overview

IBM watsonx is an AI development studio that allows businesses to access AI language models for crucial data-related tasks. Watsonx can give users access to foundation models curated and trained by IBM, as well as open-source models. With the advantage of the watsonx studio, businesses can use generative AI to deploy various models to work with their data in an intuitive and secure way.

Watsonx will feature a user-friendly interface built for all use cases related to data, assisting businesses through every stage of the data lifecycle. Watsonx will also streamline tasks such as generating consumer-facing marketing materials, evaluating customer feedback and more.

The Three Product Sets of Watsonx is an AI studio that enables AI builders to train, test, tune and deploy foundation and machine learning models. Using, businesses can easily tune models to draft documents, extract key data, summarize dense text and statistics and more. is a data store built on open lakehouse architecture, allowing secure access and easy sharing of data between clouds. can optimize vast arrays of data and utilize models to visualize and augment that data.

Watsonx.governance is an automated software solution that provides security and peace of mind to ensure a business’s AI models are compliant with regulations. This tool can also trace and document the origins of data sets, models and metadata. All of these real-time details are then presented via a customizable dashboard that is viewable by anyone—from data scientists to stakeholders. and are expected to launch in July 2023, while watsonx.governance is expected in October 2023.

For more information about IBM’s watsonx platform, read the full announcement here.