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Navigating the Turbid Waters of AI with CDW and IBM Z Systems

In this Ask the Experts webinar, CDW’s Roger Campbell, Scott Fagen, Joe Markwith and Greg Peters discuss the impact of AI on the modern data center, applications and IBM Z workloads

Artificial intelligence is disrupting every area of the IT landscape. Many businesses have begun to adopt AI and automation technologies, but to successfully implement them, teams need a common language, strategy and an actionable understanding of opportunities and threats to all aspects of their business.

Learn how CDW’s MOAT (mastering operational AI transformation) approach breaks through the noise of the AI landscape to help teams achieve AI sovereignty. This Ask the Experts webinar features insights from:

  • Roger Campbell, senior principal strategic partner, CDW
  • Scott Fagen, mainframe evangelist, CDW
  • Joe Markwith, senior solution architect, CDW
  • Greg Peters, solution architect, CDW

In this roundtable, CDW experts highlight:

  • Business trends in AI usage
  • How to determine your organization’s AI maturity
  • How to select the right use cases for AI in your organization
  • CDW’s MOAT roadmap
  • How AI is helping businesses modernize their applications