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How to Introduce Modern Development Tools Successfully

Dawn May

July 14, 2023

Dawn May, president of COMMON, and Andy Finley, senior solutions engineer at Rocket Software, discuss how IBM i customers are taking advantage of new DevOps offerings

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Building a Digital-First Strategy With IBM i

Neil Tardy

June 13, 2023

When it comes to modernizing IBM i environments, often the biggest challenges aren’t technical. Many enterprises simply don’t know where to begin. Puneet Kohli sees it all the time. As president of application modernization at Rocket Software, Kohli is charged with helping clients navigate the challenges and recognize that IBM i is well-suited to help […]


Scott Klement on REST APIs, DevOps and CICD

Paul Tuohy

March 21, 2023

Note: This podcast transcript is lightly edited for clarity. Paul Tuohy: Welcome to another iTalk Business with Tuohy. I was about to say it’s great to be joined by an old friend, but when I say old friend, I think just old in that we’ve known each other for awhile. Because you’re nowhere near as […]

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Women of COBOL Episode 5: COBOL Is for Anyone – Transitioning to IT From Alternate Career Paths


October 28, 2022

Misty Decker: Hi and welcome to Episode 5 of of Women of COBOL. I’m delighted to have this conversation. Today we’re going to chat with two young women who have just launched their COBOL careers, about two years each, and we’re going to compare notes of what it’s like learning COBOL and launching a COBOL […]


Women of COBOL Episode 4: Creative Solutions for Closing the Mainframe Skills Gap


September 12, 2022

Misty Decker: Hi and welcome to this episode of Women of COBOL. Today we are talking about changing lives through COBOL. I’m so excited about this one; I hope you are, too. Let me introduce our two guests. Today we’re going to chat with Magie Hall, assistant professor of Strategic Business Analytics at WU Vienna. […]