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The Value of IBM Education, the Opportunity to Interact

Rob McNelly

April 4, 2024

Rob McNelly looks ahead to this fall's IBM TechXchange event


Mainframe Skills Council Brings the Community Together to Keep the Skills Momentum Going

Evelyn Hoover

March 28, 2024

IBM's Meredith Stowell on how the IBM Mainframe Skills Council is helping organizations bridge the shrinking mainframe skills gap


i Can Homecoming: Upcoming COMMON Events

Dawn May

January 18, 2024

My fans may have noticed a lack of i Can blog posts recently, particularly in the latter half of 2023. I apologize and confess that the main reason for my absence is I simply needed a break. The i Can blog started in 2009, and after over 13 years of regular postings, writer's block hit […]


Peg Tuttle to Host TechChannel PowerTalk Podcast

Emma Pitzl

December 19, 2023

With the new year come new initiatives for TechChannel. The recent retirement of Paul Tuohy, former host of the iTalk With Tuohy podcast, means two changes are happening to the podcast: a new name and a new host. Starting in January 2024, IBM Champion Peg Tuttle is taking over as host of TechChannel’s sponsored IBM […]


The Power of Preparedness: Harnessing Resiliency to Mitigate Mayhem

Greg Lotko

December 12, 2023

Business leaders today face significant challenges. Skyrocketing cybercrime, climate-related natural disasters, pandemics and geopolitical unrest to name a few. These threats are not only more frequent than ever; their impacts can also last longer. Mayhem like this is costly! For Fortune 1000 companies, downtime can cost over $1 million per hour. The average security breach […]

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What Is an IBM Business Partner, Really?

Steve Pitcher

December 12, 2023

This question came up this week when discussing upgrading two systems from IBM i 7.3 to 7.5. The word “partner” means a lot to me. First, what is an IBM Business Partner? Well, that definition can be a little broad. I’d argue that a Business Partner is the liaison between customers and IBM. We represent […]

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2023 TechChannel Rising Stars

November 21, 2023

Meet the 2023 class of TechChannel Rising Stars, who have worked on IBM Z or Power Systems for five years or less but are already making a big impact on the mainframe and IBM i ecosystems


Continuity and the Mainframe Ecosystem

Reg Harbeck

November 1, 2023

I was just chatting with a colleague from a small mainframe software startup, and we were brainstorming about how to get organizations that have mainframes to wake up and invest in the future of the platform. During our conversation, I mentioned the “Mainframe Continuity Planning” white paper I’d written in 2004 about the need to […]


Mainframe Master Innovations: Establishing the Future

October 17, 2023

IBM Champion Reg Harbeck connects with mainframe luminaries and leaders to highlight the people, technology, business and future of the mainframe


COMMON Education Foundation: Connecting with the Next Generation of IT Talent

Victoria Schutz

September 28, 2023

As the older generation of IT professionals looks toward retirement, filling the gaps left behind can be challenging. COMMON Education Foundation (CEF) seeks to help solve that challenge, connecting the next generation of IT talent with employers and educational resources. Laura Ubelhor, owner of Consultech Services Inc. and secretary of CEF, has been working with […]