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Kisco Systems Launches Richard C. Loeber Fellowship Program to Celebrate 40th Anniversary

Victoria Schutz

November 2, 2023

The IBM i community is all too familiar with the challenge of replacing the older generation of employees with new talent. Kisco, an IBM i security solutions provider, is seeking to fill the gaps left behind by retirees in the IT industry with the Richard C. Loeber Fellowship Program. The program focuses on promoting the […]


Open Mainframe Project Celebrates 5 Years of Zowe, Looks Back on Growth

Emma Pitzl

October 12, 2023

Since the Open Mainframe Project was founded eight years ago, the program has grown and evolved to become a pillar of the mainframe community, serving as a focal point for the deployment and use of Linux and open-source technology on the mainframe. Over the past near-decade, Open Mainframe has branched out into several other projects […]


Closing the Mainframe Skills Gap With Diverse New Talent

Emma Pitzl

July 31, 2023

How Albany State University’s Dr. Robert Owor is advocating for mainframe education and diversity in the technology ecosystem


The Importance of the Old Guard on the Mainframe

Eric Baumgardner

May 3, 2023

As many mainframers are starting to notice, a significant number of experts in the field are opting for a relaxing retirement. Many businesses saw this coming, but they have had no obvious solution. The lack of young mainframe talent is now a real issue with this tidal wave of retirees. Experienced mainframers passing their knowledge […]


The Path to an IBM i Career: Lessons from TechChannel’s Rising Stars

The Path to an IBM i Career: Lessons from TechChannel's Rising Stars

March 22, 2023

imPower Technologies’ founders Jim Buck and Michelle Lyons were delighted to see several of their past students on TechChannel’s list of 2022 Power Systems Rising Stars. It was less about their courses being mentioned and more about seeing young developers taking lead roles in the community at large.    “We are so proud of these […]