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More on Mainframes and Open-Source Tools

Trevor Eddolls

November 29, 2023

Following on from my article looking at the value of open-source software on the mainframe, I thought it would be interesting to see what else was available for mainframers to use. Open Tools Community Let’s start with the z/OS Open Tools Community on GitHub. According to their website, z/OS Open Tools provides a package manager […]


The Value of Open-Source Software on the Mainframe

Trevor Eddolls

November 3, 2023

Mainframes, as we know, are fast, reliable and secure. They can deliver data to users faster than any other platform—particularly, cloud-based systems—and they can ensure that the data is encrypted in transit, while stored and even when in use. The software that runs on these computing behemoths comes from reputable software vendors who ensure their […]


Open Mainframe Project Celebrates 5 Years of Zowe, Looks Back on Growth

Emma Pitzl

October 12, 2023

Since the Open Mainframe Project was founded eight years ago, the program has grown and evolved to become a pillar of the mainframe community, serving as a focal point for the deployment and use of Linux and open-source technology on the mainframe. Over the past near-decade, Open Mainframe has branched out into several other projects […]


TechChannel E-book: Streamline Your Modernization Strategies With Open Source and SQL With Db2 for i

December 6, 2021

Modernization strategies come in many forms—each with a unique blend of cost, risk and value. But some strategies are better than others, depending on your organizational needs. Some organizations still have hesitations about adopting the most effective modernization strategies—such as establishing a virtual layer of SQL views within physical data models or leveraging open-source technologies. […]


5 Reasons to Choose Open-Source Solutions for Software Development

Tyler Boykin

June 16, 2021

Open source has revolutionized the software development industry. Open source means that the software created is released under a license that allows anyone to use it. The code is also distributed along with the software. Some of the most commonly used software systems in the world are open source. For example, the Firefox web browser […]