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Kisco Systems Celebrates 40 Years

Peg Tuttle

January 19, 2024

This transcript is edited for clarity. Peg Tuttle: All right ladies and gentlemen, get ready to power up your day because it’s time for PowerTalk with Peg Tuttle. I’m Peg Tuttle, your host, and I’m here to bring you the latest tech insights, trends, and power packed conversations that will leave you inspired and ready […]


The Balancing Act Between Security and Maintenance

Reg Harbeck

November 10, 2023

This transcript is edited for clarity. Reg Harbeck: Hi. I’m Reg Harbeck and today I am here with Milt Rosberg, who is the global VP at Vanguard Integrity Professionals, and we’re here to talk about patch management. Now Milt and I are both mainframers by background, so we have a particular experience with what the […]

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The Complete Beginners’ Guide to Hacking a Mainframe

Trevor Eddolls

October 12, 2023

Any movie or TV show makes hacking seem like a trivial affair. A couple of minutes of screen time and some nerdy kid shouts, “I’m in.” Five minutes later, all the data has been stolen and dangerous applications have been rewritten (compiled and executed). We know that’s not how it happens, but the worrying thing […]


The Cost of a Data Breach Reaches an All-Time High of $4.45 Million

Evelyn Hoover

September 26, 2023

MGM Resorts was the latest victim of a social engineering hack that brought the casino chain to its knees. The breach happened last week when hackers obtained a password by posing as an employee of the Las Vegas resort chain. According to published reports on TechCrunch and Bloomberg, the attack crippled MGM’s hotel guest services […]


An Early Warning System for Ransom Attacks and Mainframe Breaches

Trevor Eddolls

September 15, 2023

Most mainframe sites can’t afford to be down for more than a few minutes—let alone the hours or days required to respond to a cyberattack with conventional processes. What is needed is an early warning system to detect and neutralize the most common forms of malicious attacks. The Benefits and Risks of Encryption Encryption can […]


Mainframe Security in the Age of AI

Trevor Eddolls

August 17, 2023

In theory, mainframe security should be easy—mainframes use RACF or similar products to control who can do what. However, security has never really been that easy, and today it definitely isn’t easy at all. The Challenges of Modern Mainframe Security First, mainframes aren’t little islands of computer processing anymore. They are intimately connected to the […]


The Glass Is More Than Half Full: From Attack to Defense

Mark Wilson

August 8, 2023

Vertali’s Mark Wilson discusses why it’s time to change the mindset around mainframes and cyber threats—making the platform part of every cybersecurity conversation in the organization


Detect and Eliminate Malware in Your Mainframe Systems

Al Saurette

July 27, 2023

Seldom a day goes by when we don’t hear about the latest ransomware attack. This is the current scourge of the internet, and mainframes are not exempt. Spreading malware—or if you are an insider, even “renting” malware as a service—is as easy as a trip to the web. Attack vectors that include cryptomining executables, encrypting […]


IBM i and the Difference Between Secure and Securable

Paul Tuohy

July 25, 2023

This transcript is edited for clarity. Paul Tuohy: I’m delighted to be joined today by Amy Williams, who is the senior security services consultant with Fortra—whom some of you would probably remember as HelpSystems if you don’t know about the name change. So hello Amy. Amy Williams: Hello Paul. It’s so nice to be here […]


Top API Security Risks in 2023

Trevor Eddolls

July 5, 2023

“Modernize” seems to be the most popular word to go alongside mainframes these days. We’re always being told to modernize our applications by migrating part or all of them to the cloud. We’re also being told that we can modernize our business-critical mainframe applications by using APIs (application programming interfaces) to expose mainframe-based data and […]