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Phil Teplitzky on Structured Programming and Software

Reg Harbeck

August 5, 2021

Reg Harbeck: Hi, this is Reg Harbeck and today I'm here with Phil Teplitzky, who is the managing director of the Teplitzky Associates, but that doesn't tell you nearly as much as you're going to find out about someone has been right there in the middle of the history of the mainframe in so many interesting […]


How the Software World and Programming Practices Have Evolved

Tom Harper

June 3, 2021

Programming, or writing software as it is commonly known today, has been my profession for 51 years, and for fun for 10 years before that. Like most things, it has changed dramatically as I have grown up with it. Starting out in 1960, we had only one manual of about 50 pages, a principles of […]


After Helping Clients Navigate Challenging Times, the AIX World Moves Forward

Neil Tardy

May 24, 2021

From the beginning, IBM AIX was touted for its reliability. That this characteristic has endured was never more evident than over the past year, as IBM clients relied upon the AIX OS and Power Systems hardware to manage their operations through a challenging time. IBM’s Carl Burnett, Distinguished Engineer, Power Systems software development, believes that AIX/Power […]


How to Simplify the Lives of Non-Mainframe Trained IT Employees

Trevor Eddolls

April 23, 2021

Many people think that using a mainframe is hard. They have a picture in their minds of green screens and arcane subsystems that are incredibly hard to get to grips with. The trouble is that so many of the people who work on mainframes have been doing so for 40 years. And that means they […]


IBM i Gets a Refresh, Increasing Automation and Storage Options

Dava Stewart

April 20, 2021

The latest round of IBM i technology refreshes (TRs) provides enhancements to offerings, services and hardware. On Tuesday, April 13, IBM announced the latest round of OS TRs—IBM i 7.4 TR4 and 7.3 TR10. These TRs demonstrate a commitment to IBM i services, showcase a continuing push toward automation and represent a heavy investment in […]


Managing the IT Project Backlog

Jim Schesvold

September 11, 2019

While IT seems to be an exercise in reading the future and transforming it into business processes, IT often misuses its most vital resource—the people that turn hardware, software and networks into business applications that improve productivity, provide new function, and increase employee effectiveness. Analysts are pulled off projects barely halfway complete, designers are reassigned […]


Application Performance and Tuning

Jim Schesvold

May 14, 2019

As the original author of “CICS Performance Bulletin” published by IBM Dallas System Center, and co-author of the subsequent IBM “CICS TS Performance Guide” in conjunction with IBM Hursley CICS TS Development, performance and tuning has been a big part of my job. I’ve performed more CICS performance studies than I can count, and almost […]


Time to Look at System Maintenance and Replacing Equipment

Jaqui Lynch

February 1, 2019

Once a year, it’s important to review the hardware that’s installed—and also the levels of the software that’s installed on those servers. It’s important to stay as current as possible to ensure you have the best security and performance. It’s also critical to be on hardware and software that is still in service. This means […]


Enabling Open-Source Continuous Delivery Pipelines

Keelia Estrada Moeller

January 1, 2019

IBM Z* Open Development is an entry-level toolset for z/OS* development teams who plan to transform their software delivery practices around a common, automated delivery pipeline. It provides the essential link Z developers need to join a platform neutral, continuous integration and deployment pipeline that’s inclusive of z/OS application components. Neat and Lean Developers must […]


The Right KPIs for Mainframe DevOps

November 1, 2018

To compete in fast-moving, disruption-prone digital markets, enterprises must aggressively embrace DevOps on the mainframe. DevOps is becoming increasingly important, and without it—along with associated agile best practices—delivery on these digital initiatives will be too slow and infrequent to keep pace with escalating customer expectations. To successfully drive adoption of DevOps on the mainframe, IT […]