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Random and ‘Almost Random’ Numbers on z/OS

David Stephens

September 17, 2021

Random numbers can come in handy. They can be used to create a unique filename, generate a random new password, or randomly select a record. The good news is that we can obtain random numbers on z/OS. Well, at least some of them are random. COBOL and RANDOM A quick look at the IBM Enterprise […]


Secure Service Containers and Consumption-Based Pricing Enable Opportunity

Shirley S. Savage

November 1, 2018

Organizations are eager to capture opportunities that beckon in the marketplace. They know that new and modernized applications are necessary to better serve customers. Organizations also realize that, now more than ever, security remains crucial to business success. In October, IBM announced IBM Secure Service Containers, a new offering that provides benefits for security, as […]


The Significance of Shared Services

Joseph Gulla

July 23, 2018

This week, I am beginning a new series where I explore an important idea that has helped to shape IT in the modern era. What do we mean when we explore significance in an IT context? {^image|(width)400|(height)173|(mouseoverheight)174|(originalheight)267|(behavior)hover|(alt)ITTrendz1.jpg|(tooltip)ITTrendz1.jpg|(url)/wp-content/uploads/content-images/Blogs.jpg.aspx?width=400&height=173|(originalwidth)612|(mouseoverwidth)400|(sizetourl)True^} Shared services are one of those very powerful ideas. Let me explain. An Example of the Important Notion […]


IBM z14 Model ZR1 Is Ready for Cloud, Pervasive Encryption and More

Jim Utsler

May 1, 2018

How can medium-sized businesses solve the conundrum of scaling for business growth with ease and confidence? The answer is the latest lean, mean and super fast player in the IBM Z* product line, the IBM z14* Model ZR1. It hits the field of play with a complete new physical system design. In a world where […]


Linux on IBM Z Positions Clients to Move Forward

Jeff Reser

May 1, 2018

Through the lens of a new wave of technological advances built around advanced analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, container development, blockchain, cloud and data security, a strategy shift is occurring in how mainframes are being used and leveraged. At the same time, mainframes are being refreshed with features around Linux*, pervasive encryption, virtualization and performance—all integrated […]


New and Established IBM Offerings Meet Enterprise Data Protection Needs

Gene Rebeck

March 1, 2018

With all of the massive, high-profile data breaches that large enterprises have experienced over the past several years, businesses of all sizes have responded by erecting heavy digital fortifications around their data. Or maybe they haven’t. “What’s kind of alarming is that while a lot of clients understand the risk with the need to protect […]


IBM z14 Pervasive Encryption Protects All Data

Brett Martin

January 2, 2018

In reality, encryption is largely absent from corporate data centers. The IBM z14 is poised to change that.


New IBM z14 Capabilities Make it Easy to Get Started in the Cloud

Gene Rebeck

November 1, 2017

July’s IBM z14* announcement features technology to make cloud computing easier for IBM Z* organizations. With a strong focus on pervasive encryption—where organizations can encrypt data associated with an entire application, cloud service or database in flight or at rest (—encrypted APIs, a new pricing model, blockchain services and more, clients can feel safer about […]


IBM Z Pervasive Encryption Marks a Paradigm Shift for Security

Evelyn Hoover

July 17, 2017

Trust is the currency that drives the new economy. It’s the foundation of digital relationships and demands security, transparency and greater value in every interaction and transaction. That’s among the reasons IBM equipped the new z14 system with pervasive encryption. Transitioning away from selective encryption to end-to-end protection helps organizations secure all of their enterprise […]