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Leveraging IBM Z for Digital Transformation

Patti Bowman

December 6, 2021

Some observers might doubt whether the mainframe can make any meaningful contribution to digital transformation. They might even view the mainframe as part of the problem, rather than the solution: an overly complex platform running decades-old applications. But that is a gross oversimplification. While it’s true that many of the applications running on the mainframe […]


How Air-Gap Backup and Tape-Based Technology Protect Against Cybercrime

John Shuman

February 10, 2021

Cybercrime is a prevalent topic in today’s news. It’s changing the way business is conducted to maintain data integrity and protection from theft. Data is the life blood of any organization; cybercriminals seek to exploit data from human as well as security vulnerabilities inherent to the software or hardware structures. Much of corporate data today […]


Looking Back at 2020: Changes, Innovations and More

Trevor Eddolls

January 8, 2021

2020 must have been the year that no-one expected in the early hours January 1 as they celebrated its arrival. According to the Collins Dictionary, the word “lockdown” had a 6,000% increase in usage since 2019. The other pandemic-related words on the dictionary’s list of the top 10 words for 2020 were: “coronavirus,” “social distancing,” […]


Expanding Cloud Capabilities

Jennifer Goforth Gregory

November 2, 2020

As organizations look for new ways to engage clients with new experiences and digital services outside of their traditional offerings, many begin to realize that options are limited by their cloud infrastructure. Without the agility to quickly deploy new applications, organizations lose their competitive edge and even their clients. Instead of losing market share, organizations […]


Sensitive Data Control

Jim Utsler

September 1, 2020

It’s an unfortunate fact of business life that bad actors are out there trolling for sensitive data. For them, the risk-reward is relatively low. For those whose data is breached, though, the costs can be exorbitant, whether from loss of intellectual property (IP), being socked with massive fines or losing customer goodwill. The news isn’t […]