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IBM Announces Evolution in Partnership with Amazon Web Services to Expand Generative AI Capabilities

IBM announced today that it will expand its partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to leverage generative artificial intelligence (AI) for clients of both companies. By expanding their partnership, IBM and AWS aim to provide more efficient solutions for their clients’ critical use cases.

By extending the partnership into the generative AI space, IBM and AWS seek to build upon an already strong relationship.

“IBM and AWS have been working together to enable and accelerate the digital transformation of our joint clients for over six years,” says Becky Carroll, IBM Consulting’s Global AWS Strategic Partnership Leader. “We think that this partnership between AWS and IBM brings a unique, valuable combination of leading enterprise AI, cloud, infrastructure and open-source technologies delivered with deep IBM consulting expertise. Our joint team has a strong rapport that accelerates success for our clients.”

As part of this venture, IBM Consulting plans to train 10,000 consultants by the end of 2024 on the generative AI capabilities of AWS. To help clients incorporate AI into their business more effectively, IBM Consulting and AWS will begin with these three solutions:

1. Supply Chain Ensemble on AWS

With the introduction of a virtual assistant, supply chain professionals will see an improvement in speed and efficiency. This tool will help lower costs, centralize logistics and assess risk.

2. Platform Services on AWS

First released in 2022, this solution has been enhanced with generative AI to guide the entirety of the cloud value chain. This will lead to better mean time repair and uptime for clients.

3. Contact Center Modernization for Amazon Connect

This tool leverages generative AI to make communication between chatbots and live agents more efficient. By making categorization and summarization functions for both voice and digital, generative AI gives agents the details they need to lower resolution times and provide higher-quality service.

Carroll adds, “In call centers, agents don’t always have time to read through transcripts from previous customer calls. By automating the process, we’re able to help create succinct summaries of calls for agents, which in the end we believe will have direct impact on improving overall customer service.”

To accelerate the cloud transformation process, IBM Consulting also plans to integrate AWS’s generative AI capabilities into IBM Consulting Cloud Accelerator. on AWS

Due to increased client demand for generative AI solutions on AWS, IBM is making available on AWS., a fit-for-purpose data store will be accessible as a fully managed Software as a Solution (SaaS) on the AWS Marketplace. IBM also plans to make and watson.governance available on AWS by 2024 to further expand generative AI offerings.

Carroll sees a bright future with the expansion of the partnership between IBM and AWS.

“This announcement with AWS is our latest step in advancing our collaboration with several strategic partners to best serve our clients and further enhance our open ecosystem approach,” she says. “Today’s news builds on that strong foundation we set as IBM and AWS, going a step further to signal to our clients that we’re here to provide them with the expertise and solutions they need to succeed in driving value from generative AI.”

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