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The Business Value of the Transformative IBM Z Platform

Your customers require you to provide digital products and services in an always-on environment. This, in turn, drives the need for digital transformation. Digital transformation is about more than integrating new technology capabilities. It’s about rethinking your old operating models, experimenting and becoming Agile in responding to the market. It’s a state of mind as much as a specific technology solution.

Bearing this in mind, International Data Corporation (IDC), the premier global provider of advisory services and market intelligence for IT, telecommunications and consumer technology markets, recently interviewed 11 IBM Z® clients who have undergone this transformation. IDC quantified the benefits of their efforts in its whitepaper, sponsored by Broadcom and IBM, “The Business Value of the Transformative Mainframe.” The results: Organizations that invest in modernizing their mainframe environment are reaping major benefits. This includes an average annual gain of $194 million in business revenue, $2.9 million in savings per mainframe over five years and a 30% decrease in full-time equivalent (FTE) needed for systems management.1 Let’s examine some approaches and processes that can drive digital transformation and see how the IBM Z platform enables them.