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Your Partner in the Cloud

McKinsey & Company predicts that enterprises building multiclouds with infrastructure on-premises are expected to double provisioned workloads by 2018 ( Private clouds, when designed with the right technology, can deliver the simplicity associated with public cloud solutions, while retaining the security, availability and freedom traditionally associated with infrastructure fully under your control.

IBM Power Systems* clients know the value IBM can provide in delivering secure, available and flexible infrastructure. Our clients have told us consistently that business pressures and new opportunities are pushing them to consider cloud solutions when refreshing their technology. In fact, the vast majority of our clients see a hybrid or multicloud deployment strategy giving them the best return on their investments while providing the most agile capability from a business standpoint.

That’s why IBM is moving to where all of our products—as well as many of our partnerships—are ready for the cloud. We’ve focused our development teams on providing our clients with capabilities that enterprises demand from their clouds: empowering users to deploy new infrastructure quickly, pay only for what they use, increase productivity through automation and allocate resources with flexibility. Whether you’re leveraging a private or public cloud, your business needs these capabilities in order to realize the efficiency and agility benefits only cloud infrastructure can provide.

In this month’s issue, you’ll learn more about how we’re delivering these new capabilities to users. Chief among them are new enhancements we are building into our IBM PowerVC* offering to integrate with IBM Cloud Private. With these enhancements, clients now have the ability to do DevOps on public or private clouds, exporting their applications into an on-premises production environment whenever they are ready to be deployed.

We also continue to develop PowerSC* security and compliance, an important solution for clients looking to assure the integrity of their most critical business systems. Because most security vulnerabilities come from infrastructures that don’t meet security compliance requirements, PowerSC focuses on blocking incursions by ensuring that system integrity remains intact at all times.

Finally, our new partnership with Nutanix provides an exciting new turnkey hyperconverged solution for clients to deploy critical workloads into a private cloud environment with resiliency and simplicity. IBM Hyperconverged Systems run the same management environments that Nutanix provides other platforms, but with the addition of the price-performance that the Power Systems platform delivers for open-source data and web infrastructure workloads. Simply put, it’s easier than ever to get a simple private cloud—with more capability at a lower price—using Nutanix on Power*.

If your organization is committed to a cloud strategy, but you aren’t quite sure how to deal with your current “traditional” infrastructure, you aren’t alone. I’ve worked with many clients over the past year to successfully plan their journey to cloud. Use the information in this issue to learn more about how IBM can help you evolve your data center into the cloud environment your business needs.