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TechChannel E-book: Unlocking COBOL Business Value

The ubiquity of both the IBM Z platform and COBOL programming language comes from the forethought IBM put into each in 1964 when the first mainframe was launched. COBOL was optimized for business processing with no need to recompile programs. As a result, it continues to run the world’s economy today.

But many COBOL shops have fallen into a pattern of ignoring new programs or applications. To unlock and maximize business value—including cost savings, performance improvements and more—it’s important to maintain existing code while leveraging the latest COBOL enhancements. In this "Unlocking COBOL Business Value" e-book from TechChannel, you'll find insight from Reg Harbeck on leveraging modern COBOL features to maximize cost savings, and learn how the Open Mainframe Project COBOL Working Group is changing perspectives surrounding COBOL while closing the skills gap.

This TechChannel e-book was sponsored by Micro Focus and Software AG.


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