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i Can Homecoming: Upcoming COMMON Events

My fans may have noticed a lack of i Can blog posts recently, particularly in the latter half of 2023. I apologize and confess that the main reason for my absence is I simply needed a break. The i Can blog started in 2009, and after over 13 years of regular postings, writer's block hit hard last year. It became difficult to think of relevant topics and craft compelling posts.
I typically write about administrative topics to assist the community and, looking forward, I see plenty to write about. We are lucky to live in a time when IBM announces many enhancements. I am very happy to report that Navigator for i features a wealth of updates, and there are plenty of older i Can posts I need to revisit and update.

So now, after a good long break, it's time to resume regular blog posts. Starting with this first post in 2024, I can report some important items about COMMON events in 2024:

1. Boot Camps

Boot Camps have been available for some time; in 2023 we added one on security and another on IFS to the online content library.

The big news is a brand new Getting Started with SQL on IBM i Boot Camp. And we can expect an IBM i Fundamentals boot camp later in 2024.

All COMMON members can access these boot camps for free at any time as often as they wish.


The first event of 2024 is the COMMON FOCUS virtual workshop. FOCUS consists of two full days featuring eight virtual workshops. This event is free to members. See the agenda for the workshops being offered.

3. POWERUp 2024

While still a few months away, the POWERUp 2024 schedule is now available. If you are thinking about attending POWERUp, take a look at the sessions and register early.

Community News

Finally, I want everyone to be aware of #IBMiEverywhere.

Last year, Josh Bander from Briteskies began posting about companies that run IBM i and I suggested the #IBMiEverywhere hashtag. Just last week we saw the 100th post regarding major companies that utilize IBM i. Over the past few months, the conversation has grown. In fact, Bander was named a TechChannel 2023 Rising Star, and more recently, a 2024 IBM Champion. Go to LinkedIn and search #IBMiEverywhere to join the conversation. An incredible amount of global finance flows through IBM i systems every moment of every day and this series of posts makes me proud to be an IBM i professional.
I am also happy and humbled to know so many smart and interesting people within the IBM i community. I look forward to posting more and meeting more of you all in 2024. Happy New Year!