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Mainframe Master Innovations

Mainframe technology has come a long way from its origins in the 1960s, and its evolution has been instrumental in addressing the complex and demanding needs of modern businesses. To underscore the importance of the mainframe and its innovators, TechChannel has developed a new interactive content experience, Mainframe Master Innovations, loaded with the stories, context and videos that explore the past, present and future of the mainframe–including the brilliant technologists and the innovations that put it at the center of business IT.

TechChannel’s host and contributing editor Reg Harbeck, M.A., IBM Champion, and past SHARE Board Member, takes us on a journey examining why, nearly 60 years after its launch, the mainframe is the launchpad of many of the definitive business-enabling IT innovations in history, often predating similar technologies on other platforms by decades. Harbeck and these seven mainframe luminaries, weigh in on why the platform has enjoyed ongoing success and they delve into the mainframe’s value and irrepressible excellence:

  • Len Santalucia, CTO and business development manager for Vicom Infinity, a Converged Company;
  • Rosalind Radcliffe, IBM Fellow and CIO Dev CTO;
  • Marna Walle, z/OS installation, upgrade and management at IBM;
  • Brian Marshall, chief strategist at Vanguard Integrity Professionals;
  • Milt Rosberg, global VP for sales marketing and business development for Vanguard Integrity Professionals;
  • Dr. Cameron Seay, mainframe thought leader/Adjunct Professor at East Carolina University; and
  • Greg Lotko, general manager of the Mainframe Software Division at Broadcom.

This Mainframe Master Innovations segment is Part 1 of two parts in 2023, with the second portion published in October.

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