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Application development, Business intelligence analytics, Security, Systems management,
The Broadcom Mainframe Software Division empowers customers to amplify the value of their mainframe investments. Our commitment to partnership is grounded in delivering to customers greater success with the platform. It starts with embracing open technologies in ways that unite the mainframe and hybrid cloud environments. Our leading DevOps, AIOps, security, and infrastructure management software solutions and innovative value programs go beyond code to unlock the platform’s full potential. 

Solutions by Broadcom


Brightside, a support offering for open-source DevOps and application development solutions, offers enterprise-class, full lifecycle support for the Zowe framework including quality and security tested distributions, streamlined installation and early access to innovations. Support extends to the Code4z mainframe extension pack for Visual Studio Code and related IDEs.  Brightside also includes access to and support for the Test4z mainframe automated testing APIs and prerequisites.


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Endevor Integrations for Enterprise DevOps

An option for Endevor’s popular mainframe software configuration management solution that provides a suite of integrations, including plugins for GitHub, Atlassian Bitbucket Server, GitLab Enterprise Edition and Azure DevOps as well as a new build engine allowing for Git-native development, all of which enable a common stack for enterprise DevOps. These integrations provide users flexibility in their choice of interface and tight coupling with the DevOps tools-of-choice.

Security Insights

The Security Insights platform for z/OS helps ensure a trusted environment for your customers by easily identifying and reducing risk from threats. It quickly interprets and assesses the security posture of your mainframe, and drawing on experience and best practices, advises on remediation steps for risky findings on an ongoing and ad-hoc basis. Access is role-based and self-service, freeing up time for security administrators to work on strategic projects.

Automic Automation Intelligence

A predictive analytics workload platform that provides the necessary visualization, adaptability and intelligence to successfully manage complex workloads across mainframe and distributed environments with a single-pane-of-glass. Automic Automation Intelligence forecasts and predicts the duration of complex, interconnected workload processes, thereby reducing risk, improving service quality, and revealing root causes for workload inefficiencies.

SYSVIEW Performance Intelligence

SYSVIEW Performance Intelligence breaks down silos and provides contextual insights by opening access and sharing data across hybrid IT. This mainframe solution allows you to analyze faster, anticipate sooner, automate with trust and prioritize your IT initiatives based on data-driven decisions. In addition to providing access to the right data across many systems and reducing the noise, SYSVIEW turns your data into meaningful and actionable insights, helping you better understand what is going on across your IT environment and what to do about it.

NetMaster Network Intelligence

NetMaster Network Intelligence leverages machine learning to enable a proactive approach to network management. Through automated network monitoring and robust incident analysis capabilities, you can identify and resolve mainframe network issues before they affect your business operations. NetMaster simplifies routine network management tasks, such as monitoring devices, events and connections to provide you a clear picture of overall network health. 

OPS/MVS Event Management & Automation

OPS/MVS Event Management & Automation increases efficiency and improves mainframe resource availability through automation. Centralized visibility of alerts across the entire mainframe environment helps minimize system downtime, increase productivity and reduce operating costs. OPS/MVS automatically discovers resources executing on each system and displays how they are connected to form business applications. It enables proactive monitoring and management of started tasks, online applications, subsystems, JES initiators, and other z/OS resources.

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