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Infotel Corp.

Offering solutions for:
Application development, Database, Tools and utilities,
Infotel Corp. is the North American headquarters of Insoft Infotel, the software division of the Paris-based Infotel Group, which provides enterprise software solutions and services that help organizations manage the data and application sprawl created by the prevalence of the worldwide web. The product portfolio features solution capabilities ranging from mobile technologies to the mainframe.

Founded in 1979, Infotel has the experience to work across varying network systems, relational databases, object languages, servers and OSes inside the largest organizations in the world. Our publicly traded company boasts global year-over-year growth for the past nine years.

Solutions by Infotel Corp.

Infotel DB/IQ Quality Assurance (QA)

DB/IQ Quality Assurance (QA) is a software solution designed to assess and improve the level of quality and maintainability of Db2 for z/OS applications before they get deployed in your production environment. DB/IQ QA automates the quality control process according to performance, maintainability and scalability criteria.

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Infotel DB/IQ Package Management (PackMan)

DB/IQ Package Management (PackMan) helps manage the DevOps chaos by identifying redundant packages, removing them and reorganizing the Db2 catalog. The result is a cleaner Db2 catalog that is streamlined for more reliable application performance. 

Infotel Application Parallel Testing (APT)

Application Parallel Testing (APT) automates the creation of isolated test tracks to provide the speed, security and adherence necessary to quickly spin up application test environments.

Arvitam from Infotel

Arvitam is a digital preservation solution enabling long-term protection of all electronic enterprise data. It preserves vital digital assets, eliminates risk of non-compliance with regulatory obligations and strengthens trust in clients’ data.

Infotel DeePeo

DeePeo assists with managing sensitive enterprise data to meet compliance laws and mandates. The product eliminates blind spots to legacy information that is undocumented and disconnected from normally interconnected and layered enterprise systems. This allows data protection officers and accompanying users to anonymize subsets of data making it easier to report on data compliance initiatives and deploy agents across a wide array of systems including Oracle, SQL Server, Db2, PostGreSQL, and others. These agents deliver an easy-to-understand and powerful dashboard-based product that centralizes task management and data visualization.

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