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Software AG began its journey in 1969, the year that technology helped put a man on the moon and the software industry was born. Today our infrastructure software makes a world of living connections possible. Every day, millions of lives around the world are connected by our technologies. A fluid flow of data fuels hybrid integration and the industrial Internet of Things. By connecting applications on the ground and in cloud, businesses, governments and humanity can instantly see opportunities, make decisions and act immediately. Software AG connects the world to keep it living and thriving.

Solutions by Software AG


Adabas is a high-performance database that supports large-scale transaction processing of data on IBM z/OS®, Linux® and the cloud. You can easily access Adabas data with SQL, replicate to data lakes and business intelligence platforms and move workload to IBM zIIP while realizing exceptional transaction speed, availability and scalability at a manageable cost.  Adabas can store multiple data relationships in the same table, eliminating data redundancies found in RDBMS. Adabas delivers extremely high transaction levels—more than 1 million commands per second – with a fraction of the staff and resources needed for a comparable relational database management system.


Natural is the programming language used by the world‘s largest companies and governments to create powerful, reliable, fast transaction systems. It is so easy to learn that developers can be productive in a matter of days. With the NaturalONE Eclipse®-based IDE, you can increase developer productivity, accelerate modernization and participate in DevOps lifecycle and toolchains.

Natural leverages IBM® zIIP to provide a cost-efficient application runtime for mainframe. Natural applications can also run on Linux and Cloud platforms—making it easy to run your applications in a hybrid cloud environments.

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webMethods Mainframe Integration

webMethods provides a non-invasive approach to integrating your mission-critical applications and data with new technologies. From creating reusable services from COBOL code or screens to unlocking data from VSAM, Db2® with standard SQL, Software AG can help you modernize and simplify application interoperability—putting your mainframe on equal footing with your digital initiatives. By reusing the business processes and high-value data of your custom enterprise applications, you can quickly add new digital channels, participate in hybrid-cloud environments, integrate with new applications and IoT, deliver robust digital user experiences on any device and gain real-time insights into your business.


CONNX from Software AG offers 150-plus + database adaptors and provides data visualization, data virtualization, ETL and data replication solutions so you can meet demand for your high-value data. Provide secure self-service access from desktop tools, support real-time dashboard reporting or move your data to analytic platforms or data lakes in the cloud. With CONNX, you can break down data silos and reduce latency in reporting. Create a single virtual view across multiple distributed databases; populate data lakes, business intelligence and analytics platforms; and make better decisions by leveraging all of your data, no matter where it resides.

webMethods API

webMethods API includes all the API management capabilities you need to provide end-to-end lifecycle management for rapid, secure delivery of high-quality APIs. Fused with application and network integration, the platform helps you connect everything from app to edge—including your IBM Z® applications. APIs enable the efficient sharing of information and data across real-time, distributed cloud and mobile applications. Through that sharing, APIs can connect products or services to massive new communities, spanning across a broad range of industries. Extending your reach through the delivery of APIs turns your data into a value creator for your business.

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