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Vanguard Integrity Professionals

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Vanguard Integrity Professionals is the largest independent provider of enterprise security software for addressing complex security and regulatory compliance challenges.

Vanguard continues to innovate and expand its portfolio of cybersecurity solutions and services and offers a range of options designed to help organizations secure their mainframe environments, including security assessment and compliance services, security software solutions, migration services, and training and support.

Solutions by Vanguard Integrity Professionals

Vanguard Active Alerts with SIEM

Vanguard Active Alerts (VAA) sends user-specified, event-driven data to SIEMs, SNMP or SYSLOGD formats. The identified target devices receive real-time information in a timely manner for compliance, security and audit requirements. VAA provides the ability to continuously monitor security related events at the system and or user-specified level. When an event occurs, VAA will notify the SIEM in order for organizations to take decisive action and make critical business decisions.

Vanguard Compliance Manager for RACF, ACF2 and TSS

Vanguard Compliance Manager (VCM) is an exceptional tool for any external and internal regulation to perform critical compliance checks. It exposes adherence to industry specific or clients’ custom checks without costly and time-consuming processing overhead. Security and audit teams can more efficiently identify potential company-wide compliance violations immediately. VCM will perform baseline checks for custom NIST, DISA, STIG and CIS requirements while taking corrective actions by enforcing company-specific security and compliance in harmony with today’s industry-standard requirements.

Vanguard Compliance Manager with SIEM Connectivity

SIEM connectivity for VCM allows you to monitor, search, analyze and visualize systems compliance data in real time for automated reporting. This process is powered by Vanguard Aggregation and Delivery (VAD). With VAD, it is now possible to automatically access and process the results file of VCM from a centralized site to multiple LPARs across the z/OS enterprise and send them to the SIEM using a standard SYSLOG interface. This offering is currently available for Splunk.

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Vanguard Mainframe Software Delivery System (VMSDS)

This capability facilitates the process of delivering software updates, changes and new applications to RACF, ACF2 and Top Secret (TSS) environments. The primary purpose of this tool is to ensure the efficient and reliable delivery of software while maintaining the stability and integrity of the mainframe system, as well as meeting software patch management requirements. A successful patch management process requires an organization to stay current on available software patches, properly testing them to ensure proper installation and documenting the process.

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Vanguard Multifactor Authentication (VMA) for RACF, ACF2 and TSS

VMA integrates with z/OS through the Vanguard Telecommunications Access Method (VTAM) to create the most comprehensive MFA tool in the industry. Vanguard extends the ez/Token MFA functionality of the VMA Suite into the VTAM logon process. When the VMA Suite is used with VTAM, it provides a VTAM log-on portal that authenticates users through a one-time use multifactor authentication personal identification number and/or security token along with an ESM user ID and, optionally, password (or passphrase) when they log on through VTAM.

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Vanguard Privileged Access Monitoring (PAM)

Vanguard Privileged Access Monitoring (PAM) allows you to monitor data set and general resource access, RACF, ACF2 and z/OS commands issued—and the start and stop events for tasks like TSO, STC and JOB. With Vanguard PAM, you can specify criteria that helps narrow the scope to the events of interest for security and/or auditing purposes.

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Vanguard Policy Manager

Vanguard Policy Manager policy profiles are created and administered using user-friendly ISPF panels or native z/OS RACF commands which are used by all security administrators. These policy profiles manage the commands that administer the user ID, group, data set and general resource profiles that cover your resources, not the resources themselves.

Policy Manager also supports a feature called best practice policies. These are predefined, userenabled policies based on industry-wide best practices. Added support allows authorization check for the value(s) of the ADDMEM and DELMEM parameters using command policies.

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