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DEI Webinar to Highlight Women in the IT Industry

Webinar: Diverse Perspectives of Women in IT

Resumes and LinkedIn profiles can offer a snapshot of a person’s professional journey, but the true narrative lies within the diverse backgrounds and identities each person brings to the workforce. Despite walking parallel paths in the workplace, women in the IT industry often encounter different challenges and opportunities than their male counterparts.

An upcoming webinar hosted by the Making our Strong Community Stronger (MSCS) collaborative will feature a panel of six women discussing what it means to be a woman in the IT industry today. MSCS is sponsored by Broadcom Mainframe Software, IBM, the Open Mainframe Project, Rocket Software, TechChannel and BMC Software.

The discussion will be moderated by Dr. Gloria Chance, president and CEO of The Mousai Group, and panelists include:

  • Becca Barrile, internal communications director, Rocket Software
  • Allyson Cook, program lead, customer engagement, Broadcom
  • Dr. Rebecca Gott, chief technology officer, Power platform, IBM
  • Donna Hudi, chief marketing officer, Phoenix Software
  • Arshind Kaur, product manager, IZOT division, BMC
  • Ruchi Saxena, research, design strategy, Broadcom

The webinar, titled “Diverse Perspectives of Women in IT,” will take place on March 13 at 12 p.m. EST. Register today to claim your spot.

Experiencing the IT Industry as a Woman

Women make up less than a third of all tech industry employees, but panelists say they feel optimistic about the future of the industry.

Donna Hudi acknowledges how being a woman in technology has been challenging in the past, but she associates her current position in the industry with excitement.

“It means that I am doing what I love and continuing to learn new things every day,” Hudi says. “After several decades of working in technology and struggling to be taken seriously, especially in the beginning, I am excited to be in a position to help spotlight and encourage those women who are out there already and those that should be.”
During the webinar event, the panelists highlight what it means to be a woman in IT today—and how women are shaping the future of the industry.

Looking Ahead

Many of the panelists are hopeful that the number of women in technology will continue to grow, but beyond the ratio, they’d like to see more women with power and influence in the industry.

“I envision a future with large numbers of women joining the industry, because as girls, they were encouraged to pursue STEM education and careers,” Arshind Kaur says. “I want to see women’s contributions recognized, celebrated and rewarded in a tangible manner. I definitely want to see a larger representation of women in leadership positions.”

Advice for Newcomers

For women considering careers in IT, panelists encourage taking the leap with confidence.

“For a woman considering a tech career, I say: Welcome! This is the best time to join because there is a wealth of guidance and encouragement available to help you succeed,” Kaur says.

“Diversity in the tech workforce makes us stronger. You are welcome, you are valued, you are invited and you will be celebrated.”

Becca Barrile emphasizes the need to feel secure in the workplace and remember women belong there. “…you deserve a seat at the table. You earned it, and your voice matters,” Barrile says. “Don’t be afraid to take chances and to speak up!”

The MSCS webinar is just one way to get plugged in. Tune in on March 13 to hear more can’t-miss insights from the panelists on what it means to be a woman in IT, the importance of representation and how to advocate for yourself and others.

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