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Recognizing and Fostering Greatness in the Power Systems Ecosystem

The IBM i OS and the Power Systems platform have stood the test of time for good reason. It’s not just the continuously evolving technology; it’s the people and how they rally to solve common challenges—like the skills gap.
In this new TechChannel e-book, you’ll find insight from iTech Solutions president Pete Massiello on how mentorship and IBM i education can effectively close the skills gap on Power Systems.
The strong community is also what has kept so many brilliant technologists in the ecosystem around for the long haul, as you’ll read in this e-book’s “Recognizing Influential Women of the IBM i Community” feature spotlighting Alison Butterill, Susan Gantner, Dawn May, Marina Schwenk, Peg Tuttle and Carol Woodbury.
Brilliance deserves recognition, and this community is full of brilliance. Read all about it here.