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Register for the ‘Unmasking Our ‘Whole Self’: Can We Create Inclusive Psychologically Safe Spaces in the Workplace?’ Webinar

In the third webinar installation of the Making Our Strong Community, Stronger collaborative initiative on diversity, equity and inclusion, ‘Unmasking Our 'Whole Self': Can We Create Inclusive Psychologically Safe Spaces in the Workplace?’ we look at how the pressures of the pandemic have heightened racial, gender and additional inequalities. This webinar will take place on July 28 at 9:00 PDT // 12:00 EDT, and you can register here.
Work/life integration is the modern equivalent of work/life balance, and inherent in this is the idea that your “whole self” is welcome at work. As the last many months demonstrated, there is less separation between work and personal lives than we originally thought. But this idea of work/life integration and its influence on corporate inclusion plays out differently for different people, when being your “whole self” is a privilege—while some may be comfortable being their genuine “whole self” at work, others (especially those from more diverse populations) still feel a need to wear a mask based on how they are expected to behave but not who they really are. How can we create psychologically safe spaces where all employees feel comfortable bringing their “whole selves” or more of themselves to work? Panelists for this webinar include:

  • Allyson B. Cook, Program Lead, Customer Engagement Programs, Broadcom
  • Earl Dixon Jr., Principal Client Services, Vitality Program Tech Lead, Broadcom
  • Kevin Norlin, Chief Revenue Officer, Rocket Software
  • Tina Tarquinio, Product Management Director for IBM Z, IBM
  • Moderator: Dr. Gloria Chance, President/CEO, The Mousai Group

We are also pleased to host a unique event after the webinar for attendees only: Dr. Chance, our webinar moderator, will hold a private Town Hall for attendees to join the conversation, bringing their own experiences and questions into this growing DE&I community.  
The Making Our Strong Community, Stronger collaborative initiative is sponsored by Broadcom Mainframe Software, IBM, Open Mainframe Project, Rocket Software, TechChannel and VirtualZ Computing.