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John Iczkovits


John Iczkovits is a senior IT Specialist with IBM Advanced Technical Support. He provides Db2 for z/OS technical support and consulting services. His areas of expertise include Db2 data sharing, performance, and availability. His work in IBM includes experience supporting Db2 as a systems engineer, database administrator, IT specialist, consultant and project lead. He has 34 years of IT experience, ranging from database products such as DB2 and IMS to MVS systems support, including storage management. He has also co-authored IBM Redbooks, Redpapers, whitepapers and trade magazine articles. He has presented at SHARE, the Db2 Tech Conference, the Information On Demand Conference, Insight Conference, zEXPO Conference, IBM Z Technical Symposium, Edge, CMG, IDUG and at local Db2 users groups.

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