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TechChannel E-book: Strategies for Effective Data Management on Db2 for i and IBM Power Systems Data Migration

As a valuable proprietary asset that can be increasingly leveraged for direct business insights, data is the life blood of many organizations. With this in mind, effective data management and data migration strategies are of the utmost importance.

When planning for an IBM Power System update or migration, you should take inventory of existing physical and virtual environments you will migrate, and what new environments you might need. A solid backup plan is also critical—whether you migrate with replication, LPM or SAN to SAN replication. Db2 for i also offers several built-in solutions to help streamline data management.

In this TechChannel e-book, IBM’s Sarah Mackenzie explains the importance of quality data and effective security for Db2 for i data management; and iTech Solution Group's Richie Palma highlights key IBM Power System data migration considerations and strategies.

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