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IBM Storage Announces New IBM FlashSystem Data Resiliency Features

What you need to know about the latest updates to IBM FlashSystem, including improved threat detection and new configurations to fit large-or-small-scale storage needs

Yesterday, IBM Storage announced new features coming to IBM FlashSystem, its hybrid data storage platform that protects, backs up and manages capacity-intensive data via flash memory. The new features will help clients detect attacks on their data and meet clients where they’re at in terms of data storage needs.

The announcement is part of IBM Storage’s ongoing strategic transformation, helping companies overcome data-related challenges to modernize and secure their businesses.

Data Corruption Detection Using AI and ML

IBM FlashSystem—a critical component of the IBM Storage for Data Resiliency portfolio—now includes inline corruption detection, a feature that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to help organizations detect changes in their data that may indicate threats. In near real time, clients will be notified of concerning changes in their data, allowing them to react swiftly and effectively, continuing business operations as normal while the threat is being analyzed and mitigated.

In the second half of 2023, IBM will introduce these features to FlashCore Modules, its high-performance storage flash drives. This will result in higher efficiency and speed when detecting threats as close to the data as possible.

New Standard FlashSystem Configurations and Price Reduction

Along with the introduction of inline corruption detection, IBM is delivering new streamlined FlashSystem configurations. The new configurations are crafted with clients’ most common workloads in mind, reducing the time it takes to configure systems and accelerating IT initiatives.

The new options simplify clients’ storage configurations to three choices: storage controller performance/capacity, the number of drives and the size of each drive. Each FlashSystem configuration runs the same operating system, eliminating unnecessary disparities between the features available across the configurations.

These FlashSystem configurations are geared toward small-and-medium-sized clients that are serviced by ecosystem partners.

Additionally, IBM is reducing its FlashSystem pricing by 15% globally through June 30, 2023, helping clients address their critical data concerns while keeping within their IT budget. These price reductions affect the 5xxx and 7xxx editions of FlashSystem.

For more information about the new IBM FlashSystem features, read the full announcement here.