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IBM Announces 2023 IBM Power Strategy

Today, IBM announced several updates to IBM Power, as well as its 2023 strategy for IBM Power clients and partners.

Ken King, general manager of IBM Power, says, “It is well known but worth reiterating that IBM Power is designed for mission-critical workloads that require superior availability, reliability, security and performance. In other words, it’s the engine that fuels our clients’ businesses. Building off a strong year fueled by Power10 innovation, in 2023 we are doubling down on our commitment to help companies modernize with this powerful engine.”

While focusing on several key business objectives—from increased automation to lower total cost of ownership to enhanced energy efficiency—IBM is prioritizing four critical areas to accelerate clients’ digital transformation and modernization efforts.

1. Security and Reliability for Mission-Critical Workloads

IBM recently rolled out Hyper Protect Crypto Services—a single-tenant, hybrid cloud key management service—for AIX and Linux on Power Virtual Server, enabling clients to control their cloud data encryption keys (DEKs) and Cloud Hardware Security Module (HSM). Hyper Protect Crypto Services run on a secured enclave, ensuring that no one can access another user’s keys.

IBM also plans to roll out at 24-core dual chip module on IBM Power S1014 for small to midsize clients running workloads on Oracle Database Standard Edition 2, offering best-in-class reliability, security, sustainability and cost.

2. Additional SAP HANA Support

The expanded Power10 portfolio now includes Live Partition Mobility with virtual persistent memory, reducing downtime by dynamically moving SAP workloads between systems and enabling fast SAP HANA restart.

IBM is also offering high performance, scalable 2-6 TB bundles for SAP HANA on Power10 to address clients’ workload requirements.

3. Support for Financial Institutions

In a highly regulated industry like banking, businesses need cost-effective solutions that offer superior flexibility and security for customer data. To address the growing needs of financial organizations and accelerate digital transformation, IBM is expanding its partnership with Temenos Group AG, a leading financial software provider.

Together, IBM and Temenos Group AG will offer Temenos Transact core banking as an on-premises, SaaS-like OPEX solution. With Temenos Transact workloads running on Power10 with Red Hat OpenShift, financial institutions will be able to innovate with increased speed and agility, take a proactive approach to security and manage energy usage.

4. Subscriptions and Power as a Service

IBM plans to deliver several new consumption, subscription and as a Service capabilities in 2023. First: IBM i Modernization Engine for Lifecycle Integration (Merlin) is now available as a subscription to streamline enterprise resource planning (ERP). Merlin helps businesses streamline application development through automated processes and built-in security protocols, saving valuable time and resources.

For more information on IBM Power’s 2023 strategy, read the full announcement here.