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Latest IBM Storage Announcements Address Key Hybrid Cloud Pain Points for Clients

As hybrid cloud environments grow in popularity, organizations must develop strategies that address increasing IT complexity, public cloud costs, cyberattack threats and other data destructive events.

Today, IBM in announcing new capabilities and integrations designed to mitigate these pain points—helping organizations reduce IT complexity, deploy cost-effective solutions and improve cyberresilience across hybrid cloud environments.

These announcements include:

1. Extending hybrid cloud storage simplicity to Microsoft Azure: Ensuring consistent function, APIs, management and UIs across on-prem and public cloud platforms can reduce hybrid cloud complexity. That’s where IBM Spectrum Virtualize for Public Cloud comes in, providing the same storage functionality in the cloud as you find on-prem, which makes it easy to implement hybrid cloud storage scenarios such as disaster recovery, cloud DevOps, and data migration.

Now, IBM is extending its cloud support to Microsoft Azure in addition to IBM Cloud and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

2. Expediting Turbonomic integration for automated operations: IBM and Turbonomic (which was recently acquired by IBM) plan to deliver rapid benefits for customers of IBM FlashSystem by improving application performance awareness and automation. Turbonomic will collect information from IBM FlashSystem storage including storage capacity, IOPS, and latency for each storage array.

Turbonomic’s analysis engine combines FlashSystem data, virtualization data and application data to continuously automate non-disruptive actions and ensure applications get required storage performance—eliminating the need for unnecessary over-provisioning and safely increasing density without sacrificing performance.

3. IBM Spectrum and IBM Elastic Storage System 3200 enhancements: IBM continues to enhance data and cyberresilience capabilities to help clients combat data threats. With this in mind, IBM has made key enhancements to IBM Spectrum Protect Plus; IBM Spectrum Protect; IBM Spectrum Scale; and IBM Elastic Storage System 3200.

Learn more about these latest storage announcements in exclusive TechChannel content featuring insight from Scott Baker, VP, Storage Product Marketing, IBM—coming soon.