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TechChannel E-book: From Bootcamps to Digital Badges: How to Effectively Develop Mainframe Skills

As the existing mainframe workforce gradually ages out of the industry, effective mainframe training has become top of mind for the IBM Z ecosystem. But what strategies seem to work best, and where is there room for improvement?

When it comes to mainframe training, there’s not going to be a “one size fits all” answer. But taking into account various tips and techniques from training professionals in the IBM Z ecosystem is a place to start. Dr. Cameron Seay and his colleague John Thompson, for instance, collaborated to create a replicable mainframe bootcamp model to help cultivate skills. Interskill Learning’s Darren Surch also notes that we can work to create a culture of learning through digital credentialing, comprehensive mainframe workforce training programs and more.

In this e-book, learn why bootcamp models are effective, and what strategies you can use to foster mainframe skills and grow a pipeline of diverse mainframe personnel.

This TechChannel e-book is sponsored by Interskill Learning.

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