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Anthony English

Name: Anthony English
Title: CEO
Company Name: IT Down Under
Company’s Function: Marketing for IT service providers
HQ: Sydney
Years in IT: 27

The biggest challenge our data center is facing today is silos. Businesses are struggling to get integration between applications.

The next big thing for my business will be showing small business owners how to look at their market and pricing with fresh eyes.

My favorite IBM product is IBM Watson* technology. I love the way it can help pretty much any business identify where its biggest market impact can be.

If I weren’t in IT, I’d want to speak and write about the psychology of decision-making.

My favorite activity outside of work is playing with Legos with my little children.

My guilty pleasure is watching cricket. It’s almost impossible to explain to someone not born into a cricketing country.

My favorite or most impacting book is Jane Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice.” It gave me great insight into how first impressions can be completely wrong.

My favorite musical artist is Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

If money were no object, the one thing I’d purchase is some system that could make people listen, understand and remember the first time, every time.

If I were stuck on a desert island, the one item I’d want is a guide to cooking for dummies.

The trends affecting my work are outsourcing and the breakdown of communications between teams.

The favorite part of my day is early morning when the world is quiet.

The business skill I’d most like to acquire or improve is converting conversations into business. I’m fine with engaging small business owners but could sharpen up my skills on translating that into sales.

My greatest mentor has been Brennan Dunn, who offers amazing advice for freelancers on how to connect technical skills into business outcomes.