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IBM Announces Next-Gen FlashSystem Storage Offerings

Today, IBM announced the new IBM FlashSystem Cyber Vault, designed to help companies better detect and more quickly recover from ransomware and other cyberattacks. It’s part of a comprehensive suite of data resilience solutions, streamlining all phases of cyberattack recovery and reduce overall recovery time from days to just hours. IBM also released new FlashSystem storage models 7300, 9500 and third-generation FlashCore Modules, which are optimized for hybrid cloud environments—delivering increased performance, scalability and agility.

Due to the ever-increasing risk of cyberattacks, cyberresiliency is more important than ever; businesses can’t afford to lose valuable time and resources. FlashSystem Cyber Vault actively monitors data in real time to detect attacks early and recover operations quickly to minimize loss of business and other costs. Plus, it’s easy to add to an existing FlashSystem deployment, keeping your business running smoothly.

The new storage models are designed on a single architecture with a common operating environment, IBM Spectrum Virtualize, providing customers with a true hybrid cloud storage platform with a reduced carbon footprint. Here’s an overview of the key benefits:

  • Consolidated workloads: With performance gains of 50%, a 2x increase in connection options, and a 4x increase in workload support, the IBM FlashSystem 9500 delivers greater performance and capacity in just 4U and is backed by IBM’s FlashWatch guarantee to make it easier for customers to plan for their future storage needs.
  • Consistency and flexibility: The IBM FlashSystem portfolio relies on IBM’s Spectrum Virtualize, meaning customers get a consistent set of data services and operational capabilities with cloud-like consumption models. Users can also repurpose legacy storage from other vendors using IBM’s SAN Volume Controller to extend the same data and operational services to existing IT investments.
  • Energy efficiency: The advanced IBM FlashSystem models enable customers to achieve sustainability goals with greater performance and capacity in a smaller and more energy-efficient footprint. The single operating environment, IBM Spectrum Virtualize, simplifies and automates data management to improve operational efficiency. Thanks to the improved IBM FlashSystem storage efficiencies, density, performance and hybrid cloud capabilities, data center operating costs can be reduced compared to traditional architectures and approaches.

The new FlashSystem storage models can increase your company’s cyberresilience and improve application performance—all while minimizing downtime—so employees are able to focus on mission-critical work.

Stay tuned for exclusive in-depth coverage on this latest announcement, featuring insight from IBM’s Scott Baker, VP, IBM Storage Marketing—coming soon.