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Introducing IBM LinuxONE III Express

Cloud technology has been growing in popularity for several years, as data-driven, app-based technology has become an integral function of daily life. From business applications to consumer solutions, the cloud is a staple for storing and managing data. To meet the cloud-based data needs of various tech workflows while maintaining a high security standard at a cost-effective price point, IBM has announced IBM LinuxONE III Express. Created in collaboration with clients as well as IBM’s Research and Development teams, LinuxONE III Express promises to deliver security, data privacy, and reliability at scale to build company-wide cloud infrastructure.

New Hardware With Competitive Speeds

The LinuxONE III Express is entry-level LinuxONE hardware, the latest development in IBM’s collection of servers tailored to host enterprise Linux applications. It’s designed to be an off-the-shelf option for startups, business partners and independent software vendors built with a focus on increased work production to get customers engaged as quickly as possible.

The hardware is a cost-effective solution for the most popular workloads, including IBM Cloud Paks and Red Hat OpenShift. Despite the processing speed necessary for running these and similar workflows, LinuxONE III Express requires fewer cores than many similar server systems. According to internal IBM tests, the 12-core LinuxONE III Express server running WebSphere and Db2 workloads requires 18.7x fewer cores when compared to x86 servers and delivers a 57% lower TCO over three years.

Single Configuration for Agility and Time Management

Powerful core speed is just one feature of the new hardware that contributes to improved time-to-value of the system. LinuxONE III Express requires a single configuration, allowing developers to build once and deploy new applications anywhere across a company’s cloud-native applications. The system offers three sizes of configuration to fit most workloads. This single configuration, paired with predictable pricing of the server unit, ensures more rapid delivery and installation of the server.

Privacy and Security in the Cloud

Even with application deployment capabilities available across the company’s cloud server, LinuxONE III Express focuses on confidential computing capabilities to ensure the protection of sensitive data materials. Companies can manage data privacy from the threat of both internal and external threats through the isolation of workloads, which improves service and limits downtime. LinuxONE III Express also offers encryption across the ecosystem, protecting data and managing privacy by policy for any critical application in the cloud. This focus on cloud security means that regardless of the size of the company’s operation, critical information can be effectively stored from digital threats.

Building Cloud Infrastructure

The LinuxONE III Express will be generally available May 25, 2021. With the release of this system, companies of all sizes have the opportunity to dynamically, securely and effectively expand their cloud infrastructure technology for both themselves and their customers.

You can learn more about LinuxONE III Express here.

[1] This is an IBM internal study designed to replicate usage of a typical IBM customer workload in the marketplace. Results may vary.