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Balance Speed with Assurance to Bring Open Source to z/OS

IDC Tech Spotlight: Making Open Source Work for You: Achieving Optimum Speed, Security and Value

Take a deeper look at the value proposition associated with using commercially supported OSS in mission-critical environments

Open-source software (OSS) is the foundation for most development work today. There’s a rich ecosystem of OSS technologies that provides solutions for just about any layer of software that a given organization might want or need—for virtually any platform or architecture. And while OSS is widely used by both IT and development professionals, not all OSS is created equal.

Download the IDC Technology Spotlight to:

Discover the benefits associated with commercially supported OSS, like lower overall cost of operation and increased efficiency

Learn how commercially supported OSS provides a measurable business value for the organization compared with community- or self supported alternatives

Explore the role commercially supported OSS plays in development trends and modernization initiatives on IBM Z®

Open Source Software for z/OS: Get Secure and Compliant

Most organizations are using open-source software (OSS) in their modernization initiatives—but are quickly realizing the hidden cost and risk associated with adopting community tools that are not commercially supported. 


Rocket Software's commercially supported utilities, languages, and tools provide an easy user experience with the security and support IBM® Z® customers demand.

With commercial support for OSS you can:

Increase developer velocity safely

Enable your developers to focus on developing applications rather than managing OSS.

Save cost and increase efficiency

Reduce staff resources as it’s often faster to deploy, offers a more predictable life cycle and reduces unscheduled downtime.

Bridge the divide between modern applications and the mainframe

Enables you to stay on the leading edge of technology innovations.

Support when you need it

Provides world class 24/7 global support when you need it.

About 35% of IBM Z® businesses have executed initiatives to bring open source to their platform. This is not a small number, and it is growing.
IDC Technology Spotlight
Offering solutions for: Application development, Performance, Tools and utilities,
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Balance Speed with Assurance to Bring Open Source to z/OS

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