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21CS is a leader in developing mainframe products that ensure data protection, recovery and migration, as well as products that provide the most comprehensive mainframe performance capacity planning solutions. Since being founded more than 30 years ago, 21CS has relied on its strong partnership with IBM to develop and enhance products that meet current market needs and lead predicted technology trends.

21CS has been consistently investing in the future of the VSE ecosystem since completing our 2021 source code license agreement with IBM. We’ve recruited a new wave of developers who work alongside VSE experts to improve the operating system for years to come. Our first version of the operating system, VSEn, offers key feature updates and non-disruptive compatibility with previous versions of IBM z/VSE 5.2, 6.1 and 6.2. Upgrade today and elevate your VSE experience.

Elevate your VSE experience and upgrade to 21CS VSEn

Make hybrid cloud a reality with IBM z/OS DFSMS Cloud Data Manager (DFSMScdm) 1.1. Optimize cloud storage and reduce MSUs by moving large amounts of cold DFSMShsm data from physical or virtual tape seamlessly to the cloud without changing the data reference date and migration date.

Begin your journey to the cloud

IBM Z Batch Resiliency (IZBR) provides real-time resiliency for non-database managed data with automatic recovery processes, leveraging detailed analytic reporting that can reduce reliance on complex domain-specific and possibly error-prone manual approaches. IZBR reduces mean time to recovery from hours or days by identifying at-risk data at the point of failure within minutes, enabling rapid restoration of data sets and determining possible downstream impacts associated from the point of corruption forward.

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