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Arbor Solutions

Arbor Solutions helps IT leaders across the country meet their goal of delivering value to their businesses. We do this with a comprehensive suite of solutions. We are an IBM Business Partner equipped with a team of programmers dedicated to being with you every step of the way. We offer servers, storage and networking hardware, as well as disaster recovery planning and software engineering. Our clients rely on us to provide viable solutions to their most complex infrastructure and application challenges. We’ve been doing this for over 30 years from our offices in Grand Rapids, MI.

Companies relying heavily on business-critical application logic can utilize front-end open-source applications to deliver a productive and highly functional user experience.

Arbor Solutions offers exceptionally strong development services in both the Intel/Microsoft, and IBM Power Systems environments, including SQL, .Net, C#, JS, Visual Basic, RPG, PHP and Python, among other programming languages.

We have been developing applications and writing code for IBM i customers since 1991, and while the RPG language has changed over the years, we have remained a best-of-breed RPG service provider. We can also help you take your IBM i green screen applications to the web.

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At Arbor Solutions we understand how to transform data at the database level into actionable, consistent and easily comprehendible information that empowers end users to make quality decisions.

The best way to battle the demands for smart and informed decisions is to arm the people making them with unbiased data. We offer the following to help businesses make informed decisions:

• Business intelligence strategy, planning and roadmapping services
• Business analytics implementation services
• Data warehouse implementation, integration and management services
• Training and mentoring services

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The business analytics tools that we work with, including Cognos, MS PowerBI and more, provide a robust solution to meet the demands across all industries. Companies in agriculture, healthcare, manufacturing and financial services want to focus on what they do best, not on navigating a BI implementation. Our understanding of the analytics portfolio coupled with an extensive understanding of the systems that drive it, allow for a smooth and less invasive implementation for the end user.

A data warehouse also provides the foundation for business intelligence by providing access to the appropriate data in an effective and optimized manner.

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