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ARCAD Software

Celebrating 32 years of innovation, ARCAD Software is the only vendor to combine DevOps and modernization for IBM i in an integrated solution range that is also endorsed and distributed by IBM. ARCAD solutions power the digital transformation of some of the largest IBM i organizations worldwide.


ARCAD delivers best-in-class DevOps for IBM i, scalable to fit your needs and budget. Start from 5250/RDi and a simple workflow–and grow to full CI/CT/CD automation integrated with enterprise/open tools such as VS Code, Git, Jenkins, Jira and many more. Feature-rich and extensible, ARCAD for DevOps is proven by organizations large and small worldwide.

Automate each phase in the DevSecOps cycle:

  • Application analysis
  • Version control
  • Build
  • Code quality/security
  • Unit test
  • Functional test
  • Deployment/rollback
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Continuous code quality and security for IBM i:

  • Automate the detection of quality flaws and security vulnerabilities in IBM i source code
  • Continuous code quality and security checks as part of the DevOps cycle
  • Eliminate peer review effort for coding standards with 100+ rules, integrated with RDi
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IBM i unit test automation:

  • Automate the creation and execution of unit test cases for any IBM i module, program or service program
  • Generate a complete unit test from RDi in just a few clicks
  • Create reusable test assets
  • Generate ARCAD iUnit test cases and execute them automatically after each code change
  • Shift defects left: Isolate defects early during the coding phase, when they cost the least
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IBM i regression test automation:

  • Data-oriented regression test automation for IBM i. Record functional test cases and replay them automatically at each application release. Detect differences in the database, user interface and spool files.
  • Guarantee the accuracy of your modernization project: Run ARCAD Verifier test cases before and after modernization to eliminate regression risk.
  • Catch defects before they reach production: As part of your continuous DevTestOps process, ARCAD Verifier runs precisely those tests impacted by a code change.
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IBM i source code modernization:

  • Transformer RPG: Convert legacy RPG code to modern, free-form syntax that’s easy for experienced and new developers to understand and maintain
  • Transformer DB: Open and standardize your Db2 databases by converting DDS files to SQL automatically
  • Transformer Synon: Convert Synon CA 2E 4GL code to modern syntax
  • Transformer Field: Automate mass transformation of RPG source and database following a field size increase
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With DOT Anonymizer, protect your data outside of the production across all systems and DBMS:

  • Simple and sustainable business model, regardless of the volume of data
  • Agnostic solution, regardless of the DBMS
  • Consistent and usable anonymized data
  • On-the-fly anonymization API in production
  • Works in synergy with DOT Extract and DROPS for Test Data Management
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Multi-platform release management:

One single console to manage all your releases, on premise, hybrid and multi-cloud. Vendor independent and open source.

Features include:

  • Orchestrate: Plan and pilot your releases
  • Provision: Automate your infrastructure
  • Deployment: Synchronize code and data, IBM i and non-IBM i
  • Rollback: Secure 24-7 availability
  • Cloud independent: No vendor lock-in
  • Agentless clients: Simplify the deployment process
  • Codeless: Design deployment graphically
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