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Beta Systems

Beta Systems Software AG is one of the leading medium-sized, independent software providers in Europe. Our software for the digital control, acceleration and safeguarding of IT-based business processes and is active nationally and internationally. More than 3,900 customers worldwide—including the largest banks and insurance companies in Europe and Germany—use Beta Systems Group products and solutions for output management and document archiving, workload automation, log management and information management processes in the data center.

_beta access for z/OS RACF simplifies administration, monitoring and auditing of the z/OS security system. One or more z/OS systems and RACF databases can be operated securely through the suite’s administration, auditing, analysis and monitoring tools.

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_beta doc|z is a comprehensive software solution for the management, storage and provisioning of extensive document data on the mainframe. Sources from decentralized systems can be used and integrated, as well as the special mainframe document formats (AFP, AFPDS). Documents can be archived centrally in an audit-proof manner and made available online in a cost-effective manner. Data from many different document sources can be flexibly prepared and made available for mass printing.

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Schedule and control your automated processes across all relevant non-Z platforms from the mainframe while saving costs at the same time. Support any mainframe scheduler and all common OS platforms (Windows, Linux, Unix, IBM i and IBM Z with Unix System Services and z/OS Container Extensions) and special integrations (Java Batch, SAP and others).


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_beta log|z enables you to reliably store, archive and provision vast volumes of log data or job output from workload management. It reduces the load on scheduling systems, facilitates transparent audits and helps you lower the cost of automating SAP processes. The intelligent agent network performs mainframe job log data archiving tasks and collects log data generated on any distributed platform in a company-wide log archive (e.g., Linux, Unix, Windows, System i, SAP system output).

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Operlog tools allow you to minimize the risk of accidental system downtime and greatly reduce the time required to identify the root cause. The tools furthermore simplify viewing and archiving of z/OS log streams (such as OPERLOG). Draw on powerful search functions that empower you to quickly home in on the piece of information you are looking for. Rapidly process and reliably archive millions of log entries.

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Gain access to log data—company-wide. _beta log|x is a solution for cross-platform and cross-format log file management in your company. Data from different sources (e.g., mainframe, Windows, Linux/ Unix systems and applications, such as SAP), can be brought together in one place and made available from there across the enterprise. Beta UX’s new data model provides improved job log output support for both IBM Z and distributed systems usage, and is also the ideal extension for log management for workload automation products like Broadcom Automic, BMC Control-M, IBM IWS/d, $Universe and others.

AutomateNOW! is a cloud agnostic tool that helps manage cost and labor effectively in complex, multicloud environments where workflows span different technologies and support critical real-time systems. AutomateNOW! provides deep integration with cloud services from various vendors (e.g., Google, Microsoft, Amazon).

_beta doc|x is a comprehensive software solution for the management, storage and provision of extensive document data, regardless of source, format and volume. Multiple sources of document input from special application systems such as SAP can be used and integrated as well as the longestablished mainframe document formats. Documents can be archived centrally and audit-proof with _beta doc|x and made available online at low cost. Data from many different document sources can be flexibly prepared and made available for mass printing.

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