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ColeSoft Marketing produces superior debugging products for software engineers and support staff working on IBM mainframes. We make IBM's z/OS-based Assembler, C/C++ and Metal C languages easier to work with and understand.


c/XDC expands z/XDC’s powerful, interactive, source-level debugging to include IBM’s XL/C languages. With c/XDC, programmers can move seamlessly between XL/C and Assembler code within the same program. You can STEP through your XL/C code as it executes, see statement operand values before and after statement execution, and display stack frames, variables, arrays and structures in real time. c/XDC functions equally well with all flavors of IBM’s XL/C: C, C++, and Metal C in both 31-bit and 64-bit modes.

Check out the c/XDC data sheet here!

z/XDC is a powerful, interactive tool for developing and testing Assembler language programs in z/OS.

z/XDC makes IBM’s z/OS-based Assembler language easier to work with and understand. Using z/XDC, programmers can effectively find and correct errors in programs running in nearly any z/OS programming environment: authorized or nonauthorized; multitasking or single tasking; batch, TSO or CICS; system exit or product exit; SVC routine or PC routine.

Check out the z/XDC data sheet here!

dump/XDC brings the z/XDC command language into the world of dump reading.

dump/XDC allows the user to more quickly diagnose and repair problems in both internal programs and programs run by customers. dump/XDC works in concert with IPCS, allowing the use of IPCS commands right along with z/XDC commands. z/XDC’s powerful and comprehensive FORMAT, MAP, DMAP and LIST commands bring new clarity to the dump-reading process.

Check out the dump/XDC data sheet here!