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Dino-Software Corporation

Dino-Software develops z/OS enterprise solutions for optimizing complex IT environments and z/OS storage management. In 2002, it released its vanguard product, T-REX and quickly established itself as a specialist within the z/OS mainframe technology space. Products address ICF catalogs, z/OS storage management, VSAM record management and disaster recovery. Dino-Software engineers have authored more than 25 products that have saved clients hundreds of millions of dollars in lost revenue. Dino-Software technology has prevented many Fortune 500 company meltdowns.

T-REX is a mainframe utility to analyze, diagnose, reorganize while open, report, backup and repair clusters and ICF components in a z/OS environment. T-REX was built from the ground up to incorporate the latest features and functions, making it a superior alternative to the collection of old technology in this area. GUI optionally available.

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Universal Data Manager (UDM) provides enterprise-wide z/OS storage management for DASD, DFSMShsm, CA Disk, tape robots and catalogs, ICF catalogs, spool data and related objects with real-time monitoring, policy-based automation, powerful message trapping, alerts, cutting-edge technology, drill-down explorers, easy install, a GUIā€”and no distributed servers required.

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VELOCI-Raptor (VR) is an intelligent, intuitive performance VSAM optimization tool designed to dramatically improve system batch and significantly reduce system overhead by automating tuning activities. VR assists IT departments in meeting increased service level demands and helping manage growing workloads. Conversion Assist available for effortless migration.

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