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Direct Computer Resources DataVantage

Direct Computer Resources’ DataVantage z/OS mainframe software and DataVantage Global allow you to edit, manage and mask your production data for safe, efficient and affordable testing.

DataVantage software products create production-like data for non-production uses like DevOps, testing, analysis and more. Data masking functionality enables compliance with policies and
regulations including GDPR, HIPAA and CPAA while reducing the risk of data breaches.

DataVantage products include:
• DataVantage for z/OS: Supports IMS databases, Db2 databases and Flat files
• DataVantage Data Masking Express: Buy mainframe data masking only
• DataVantage Global: Mask distributed relational databases

DataVantage for z/OS provides data management capabilities including browsing, editing and copying, along with data masking functionality to create production-like data for non-production uses, enabling compliance with corporate policies and government regulations. Competitive swap-out pricing.

DataVantage for z/OS: Data Masking, Data Management & Compliance Solutions

DataVantage DME Data Masking Express is an affordable z/OS data masking-only software solution that creates production-like data for non-production uses. It installs as an application program and runs alongside your current data management software. Competitively priced annual subscriptions are CPU-based regardless of processing capacity and include installation, training and support.

Save Money and Protect Your z/OS Data with DataVantage DME® Data Masking Express™

DataVantage Global is an affordable enterprise data masking software solution for distributed platforms using relational databases. It creates production-like data for non-production uses such as DevOps, data analytics and data sharing. DataVantage Global provides proprietary, built-in masking and de-identification functionality that is repeatable and irreversible. Demonstrations are available upon request.

DataVantage Global: Enterprise Data Masking, Data Management and Compliance for Distributed Environments