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DTS Software is recognized as a worldwide leader in enterprise storage management software. Our integrated suite of software products, including the new COBOL Migration Manager, helps customers monitor, manage and control their storage subsystems. We specialize in storage software solutions for IBM z/OS, Hitachi VOS3 and Fujitsu MSP operating systems.

Our software provides superior function and features, allowing managers and users to maximize their investment in storage systems. It is designed to solve many of the problems encountered by storage administrators and operations staff, allowing a limited number of administrators to manage a rapidly expanding storage environment.

ACC Monarch gives systems administrators the complete control you need to manage disk and tape storage resources in z/OS and the DFSMS storage subsystem. Features include:
• Standards enforcement: Easily examine, override and record users’ JCL or IDCAMS control statements
• Resource management: Control disk and tape device selection, OPENs and set detailed attributes for SMS and non-SMS datasets
• Policy-based control: Manage datasets, GDGs, RLS logstream attributes and jobs
• Tracing and recording: Extensive tracing, SMF recording, logging and debugging capabilities

Allocation Control Center Product Overview

Space Recovery System (SRS) eliminates production failures when available disk storage can’t meet application needs. SRS identifies available space and dynamically matches the application requests to free space, averting job failures and reruns due to out-of-space errors. Features include:
• Prevents out-of-space errors: Db2, VSAM, non-VSAM, SMS-managed, disk or tape
• Improves throughput: Eliminates production restarts/reruns, especially during peak workloads
• Eliminates human factors: Identifies available space automatically
• Improves space utilization: Allows more efficient use of expensive storage resources

Space Recovery System (SRS) Product Overview

Introducing COBOL Migration Manager (CMM), a game-changing software solution from DTS. As z/OS evolves and older COBOL versions become obsolete, CMM offers a new approach to mainframe application modernization. The solution provides data-driven insights to help prioritize COBOL migration, saving countless hours of manual work. CMM preserves valuable recompiling resources by giving users a snapshot of what programs are in production. Integration with current reporting solutions provides a dashboard view that enables organizations to include COBOL modernization with other initiatives.

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